A new boutique and luxury beach front lifestyle mall on the prime location in North Pattaya where a superb location with a five star neighborhood is combined in style with modern contemporary design.

Pattaya is a tourist destination known for its beautiful curved bay. The city is fully grown with people from all over the world and with almost any type of tourist businesses ranging from 5-star hotels to guest houses, from entertainment facilities to shopping malls, souvenir shops and international restaurants.

Along the continuous curved bay, there are many adjoining beaches. The two most well-known beaches are Pattaya Beach and Jomtien Beach.

North Pattaya Beach is quite peaceful and suitable for swimming. Attractions in North Pattaya include the Sanctuary of Truth, the Alcazar and the Tiffany’s Show.

Central Pattaya offers a wide sandy beach with beautiful views. Night entertainment and shopping complexes are packed in the area.

South Pattaya does not have a sandy beach for swimming. It is more of the city life with the Walking Street and the Bali Hai Pier.